Study Exactly What You Want at HC

Diversity of studies is what one will receive at Holy Cross.  Being a Jesuit liberal arts school necessitates academic diversity. However, Holy Cross understands that not all of her students will have their most pressing questions satisfactorily answered through a traditional single, or even double major.  That is why Holy Cross’ Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS) exists.   Beyond sponsoring the exceedingly successful Washington D.C. program, CIS has helped many students fine tune their course of study to ensure that each students can have his or her questions answered fully.

I have recently been working with the CIS and my academic advisor to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics, or PPE for short.  Inspired by the model that is popular at Oxford University, I wished to combine my interests in philosophy, politics and economic theory into a cohesive course of study.  Upon bringing my idea to Professor Cass of the department, he was immediately receptive.  In addition to discussing the logistics of the plan, he advised me to talk to Professor Denise Schaeffer who, unbeknownst to me, is already advising a current Holy Cross student pursuing a PPE major.

Once a student decides he or she wants to pursue a self-designed major, they simply need to meet with an advisor, draft a letter of intent and begin to think strategically about course selection.  Whether it’s, PPE, cognitive science, computer economics or a myriad of other combinations of academic disciplines, Holy Cross will enthusiastically support her student’s academic plans.