Holy Cross Residence Life

When applying to Holy Cross, it was relatively easy to gather information on the academics, class size and types of majors and extracurricular activities. These are the things that can be broken down into figures and printed in the fliers that all visitors receive in the admissions office. These figures undoubtedly helped me and nearly all prospective students decide if Holy Cross is a good fit.

However, one crucial aspect of being at a college that cannot be quantified is the living environment. Once you’ve moved your belongings into the room and the first hectic day ends, you quickly realize that Holy Cross will be your home for the next four years. This was the aspect of coming to Holy Cross that made me the most uneasy; it was simply something I could not know anything about until I was actually living on campus.

With this being said, Holy Cross has numerous ways in which they acclimate students to residence life as quickly as possible. First, prospective students can stay a night with a current student to see what a HC student’s typical day and night may look like .  Then, once a student has decided to attend Holy Cross, the orientation program coupled with the Montserrat program, in which all freshman take part, ensure that freshman do not feel like they are left to their own devices to become acquainted with their new home before classes begin.

Lastly, the Residence Assistants present in all freshman dorms have allowed me and my friends to more smoothly transition into living away from home.  Their frequent office hours and willingness to answer questions at any time provided an accessible point of contact right away.  The first few weeks, most of the people on the freshman floors leave their doors open so as to allow for people to get to know one another.  Be sure to do the same since your best friends could be right across the hall!