Wrapping Up Freshman Year

An overused cliché is that time seems to fly by.  I try to use the saying sparingly, but it is perfectly applicable to how I, and many of my friends, feel about the speed with which freshman year has passed.  As I moved all of my things out of my room on the second floor of Hanselman, I naturally remembered the much warmer day on which my parents and fumbled through my many belongings and began to organize what would be my home for the coming year.

Moving out, however, was a different in a few regards.  First, I had my good friends to help expedite the process.  It is baffling how one manages to accumulate more things to bring back home throughout the course of the year.   Second, I had the strange feeling of being anxious to leave Holy Cross, rather than the natural anxiety I felt arriving on campus in the fall.  Being home is wonderful, but it will take time to decompress, start a new schedule and attempt to get used to not being able to see my best friends each and every day.

I feel grateful to have had such a rewarding freshman year.  One of the most notable  advantages of being at Holy Cross is how quickly one can become a part of the enriching community.  Beyond the good fortune I had of making friends with the people two doors down from me, I have met people from all grades through Moot Court and the process of becoming an RA .  The workload will leave you feeling ready for a break, but I am already looking forward to my Sophomore year at Holy Cross.