Beginning Another Year

Today marks the third time I unpacked my car to move into a new room at Holy Cross. Classes begin Wednesday, meaning I have a couple of days to gather my thoughts before my busiest semester thus far commences. Taking a fifth course will inevitably introduce challenges that I had not experienced during the last two years, but I don’t wish too over emphasize the negatives; I am tremendously excited for the upcoming semester on the Hill.

For one, I am directing all of my focus towards my major in philosophy and minor in neuroscience. I completed all of my common area requirements last spring, meaning I will be taking more upper level courses within my chosen courses of study. I am perhaps most excited about my Philosophy of Mind course, which will in itself bridge the gap between philosophy and modern neuroscience.
This coming semester is also special to me since I will be heading to Washington, D.C. in the spring. Semesters fly by, so I want to make a conscious effort to enjoy the day-to-day before I say goodbye to my roommate and good friends until next fall.

Amidst the work that comes with my normal academic courses I will be competing as a part of the Moot Court Team this fall and winter. This year’s case involves a female college professor who–upon being rejected from the law school, despite less qualified male applicants being admitted–was fired for speaking negatively about the state school system that both employed and rejected her. The case calls into question her first and fourteenth amendment rights. Out of the three cases I have seen since being a member of the team, this is the most fascinating. Lastly, I will be slowly-but-surely completing applications to different internships in D.C. I plan on applying to a handful of think tanks and a few publications. My top choices currently are the Cato Institute, the Federalist Society, and ReasonTV magazine. Regardless of the internship I am fortunate enough to get, I still have a busy, fun, and rewarding semester ahead of me. It is time to begin another year.