The April Rush

Throughout a given week, it is safe to assume that Holy Cross students are busy.  There is reading to keep up with, friends to see, and extracurricular activities in which to take part.  However, the month of April, in my experience, has to be one of the busiest times of the year.  Not only is work picking up as finals approach (faster than many of us would like to think about), but it is also the month in which next year’s courses are picked, study abroad details are ironed out, and rooming plans are solidified. Add a few scholarship options and internships deadlines into the mix, and it’s no wonder that Dinand seems a little busier than usual.

With this being said, I think campus as a collective is looking forward to warmer weather.  The change from grey and cold to a bit brighter and warmer invariably lightens the mood.  When walking to class is enjoyable rather than painful like it is in the dead of winter, it is a lot easier to think about the quickly-approaching summer plans.  While we are still waiting on this nicer weather, the event held in the Hogan Ballroom, “Halfway to Someday” this past Monday lifted spirits and rejuvenated sophomore students in a different way than the weather will.  This event, sponsored by Dean Zuckerman, Associate Dean for Student Affairs , included a catered dinner, a speaker from a recently graduated HC class, and a video compilation put together by a class of 2020 student.

The video included a handful of my classmates discussing where they see themselves a few years from now.  Some made mention of specific career paths they would like to pursue, but a majority referenced the type of life they would like to live.  Common to many responses was a desire to serve others and live a reflective, meaningful life.   During a time when day to day life can seem like little more than ticking off boxes, it was nice to hear my classmates talk about purpose, the very thing that drives students here to work as hard as they do.  The evening reminded me of the importance of savoring the last few weeks on campus, despite the laundry list of things that need to be accomplished before leaving.  After all, half of my Holy Cross career is completed in less than 30 days.  What better time than to take a second and reflect amidst the April rush.