Junior Year Spring and Beyond

Many exciting things have happened post-fall break. First among them, I was fortunate enough to be offered an internship position with The Federalist Society in Washington D.C. for this upcoming spring semester. ┬áDuring the phone interview, the gentleman interviewing me made clear the fact that he had never had a poor experience with a Holy Cross intern–the infamous alumni network in action! Myself and 15 other Holy Cross students–many different majors, interests, and career aspirations among us–will be heading to D.C. in the spring as part of the Washington Semester Program. A few of good friends are currently participating in the fall semester program. A recurring comment I receive upon asking them how their time has been is that they feel “like adults, doing meaningful work and learning to truly live on [their] own.” I think I speak on behalf of them as well, those remotely interested in law, public policy, government, social activism, to name but a few fields, should look into the program.

Beyond this exciting news, I am beginning to more seriously consider how I will synthesize what I have learned in my classes pursuant to a neuroscience minor and my philosophy classes so as to begin planning my College Honors thesis. I am currently in a Philosophy of Mind course, and the material we have been reading has sharpened my interest in the field of Philosophy. This said, I am considering addressing some question in the sub-discipline of Philosophy of Mind; moral agency and its connection to free will is a question, albeit it massively complicated, that I would love to explore.

Lastly, I am a proud new contributing member to A Contest of Ideas: A Journal of Opinion. A Contest of Ideas is the third regularly syndicated on-campus publication, aiming to host longer form pieces on politics and the economy, religion and philosophy, and social justice. The editors-at-large stress their wiliness to publish any viewpoint, so long as it is well reasoned and coherently supported. I have been humbled by the experience so far, reading the top-tier work that many other Holy Cross students do for the journal. I urge anyone curious about the political climate and discourse on campus should sample a few articles.